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This Task List gathers a wide range of specific projects and types of projects that editors have identified as needed. For more general ideas about what to do, see the Helping Out page. Official projects can be found on the Projects page.

All editors are welcome to add ideas or work on any idea listed here. Any task that is not crossed out is available for anyone to tackle. More details on how to add tasks to this list, or how to sign up to do a task, are provided at the bottom of the page.

In many cases, the task descriptions are pretty brief. If you'd like more information on any task, ask on the talk page. Don't worry, asking about a task doesn't mean you have to do it!


All tasks on the Helping Out page, especially:

Pages Needing Descriptions
Any pages listed here are probably empty pages, that need any basic information filled out.
Pages Needing Cleanup
All these pages need improving in some way.
Pages Needing Verification
These pages have questionable information that requires research. If you are familiar with Creation Kit, you can help other editors with their requests.
Questions Needing Answers
Many questions are asked on talk pages and the answers would improve the wiki.
Create screenshots
Every quest, place, NPC, creature, flower, etc. needs a high-quality image. This task is mainly confined to PC players, but there is some high-end tech allowing console players to help out. Additionally you can help other editors with their requests.

A full list of pages requiring maintenance can be found here.


Elder Scrolls Online[edit]

  • Online Collectible Images Project: a project to acquire images for all collectibles in ESO.
  • Online Quest Project: a large ongoing project to complete all quest pages for ESO.
  • Fill in content on Empty Pages and then remove the Minimal template so that the page is removed from the category.
  • Remove the Pre-Release tags from pages after checking that the facts presented in the article match the information in the released game. A list of pages that have the Pre-Release tag can be found on the relevant category page here and also here.
  • Fill in content on Online Stubs, including those for classes, creatures, effects, factions, items, magic, NPCs, places, quests, and skills. When the page is no longer a stub, remove the {{stub}} template so that the page is removed from the category.
  • Create screenshots. Every quest, place, NPC, creature, flower, etc. needs an image (see category). Screenshots are also needed for many aspects of basic gameplay.
  • Following a major update, ensure all affected pages are addressed (based on the patch notes):
    • Pages which need to be updated with new information should be marked for {{Cleanup}} with a corresponding reason (e.g., Needs to be updated following changes in Update 6.).
    • Pages detailing content which has been removed should be marked as {{Deprecated}} with the corresponding Patch or Update number.


Ongoing high priorities include:

Specifically for PC players:

  • Create maps. We need maps for every zone in every dungeon, and maps for each town and city—which are basically just multiple screenshots cobbled together into a single map. Maps should be generated without any superimposed markup/icons/etc. as these can be added by templates on the site, leaving the map available for other uses if necessary. For more detail on how to do that, see the tutorial.
  • Go through the Unofficial Patch fix list to mark (or add) article bug notes as fixed, along with the correct version number and tracker ID.
  • Compile a list of locations where Random Encounters can occur, using the console to reach the cells where they occur. Where the cells are and where in the cells the encounters can occur is the information wanted. The project is located here.


  • Oblivion Houses Redesign Project: an effort to create new, standardized pages for each individual house in Oblivion. More details can be found on the project page.
  • Oblivion NPC Redesign Project: an effort to update all the NPC articles in Oblivion. The project page provides more details.
    • Contributions have been slowing down for quite a while, so I am adding this to try to speed this up. It is nearing completion, and it will be nice to finish it completely.
  • Oblivion Places Redesign Project: a major effort to update all the place articles and maps in Oblivion. The project page provides more details on all the different tasks that need to be done.
  • Add links to the pages for each attribute linking to items that boost the skill. It should probably point to the Generic Magic Apparel page and also list unique items with the effect individually.
  • We have new pages for the individual Mages and Fighters Guild Halls. "What Links Here" for each guild's page needs to be combed through, to see if any of the links should instead be pointing to a guild hall page.
  • The Mankar Camoran's Paradise page needs to be expanded. I call this... it'll take me a little bit hence the note here. ¿Vulpa? 00:52, 4 February 2016 (UTC)

Shivering Isles[edit]



  • (no current tasks)


  • (no current tasks)


  • Lore Places Project: expand the Lore:Places pages.
    • Pages that are transcluded into the Lore Places pages need more consistent formatting: only a paragraph or two of the very general information should ever be transcluded; any maps/images should be small and left-aligned. If there is more information, a link should be provided to direct readers to the full page for the details. For example, see Lore:Hammerfell.
  • Expand the People pages, too. What's left can be used as a list of articles that either need creating, or including on the Places or People pages as Anchors.
  • In general with the Lore pages:
    • Make sure entries on all pages are linkable entries so that cross-links and redirects are possible.
    • Introduce standard formatting.
    • Add links from Lore pages to game-specific pages. Whenever there is a game-specific page on the same topic, there should be parameter in the infobox: "|appears=[[Oblivion:Oblivion-specific-page|Oblivion]]."
    • Conversely, add links from game-specific pages to the Lore pages where appropriate. In particular, if the Lore pages contain information that is not being displayed/transcluded on the game-specific pages, then there should be a link to let readers know that the Lore page exists and contains more general information on the topic.
  • The Ayleid Language page needs a revamp.
    • Use a common stem for words rather than including all known forms (e.g., Arpen, Arpena, Arpenia).
    • Find references for all the remaining words.


Older Games[edit]

  • Daggerfall Redesign Project: a project has been started to standardize the format of Daggerfall pages; see the project page for details.
  • Arena Places Redesign Project: a project to create pages for all places in Arena.
  • Spin-off Series Completion Project: a project dedicated to finally completing documentation of the spin-off series games: Battlespire, Redguard, and the TES Travels games: Stormhold, Dawnstar, Shadowkey, and Oblivion Mobile.
  • Check the old site for pages that need to be wikified
    • Lists of all the pages on the old site are posted at UESPWiki:Old UESP Files and its subpages. These lists need to be completed with information on whether or not the page contents have been copied over to the wiki.
    • Most content from the pre-wiki version of the UESP site have been converted over, but not all.
    • Converting Old Pages provides tips on how to move pages over
  • Remove attributions from pre-wiki pages
    • Move any attribution from the old site to talk pages or to the page history.
  • Arena:Running Under Windows contains a lot of old information (which may be somewhat useful still) but is missing the last year or so of tips (many threads from the ES-Old Games forums are related to this). Ideally this section should be split into several different pages:
    • Running Old Games Under Windows
    • Game-specific pages for Arena, Daggerfall, etc...
  • Daggerfall:Running under Windows contains one up-to-date method but doesn't cover the others.
  • Make the Lore sections better for Arena and Daggerfall people and places.

TES Travels[edit]

  • Oblivion Mobile quest and equipment pages have been created but cross-checking would be useful. Could use pages with world information.
  • Shadowkey pages have been created, but more input from people who have played the game is needed.
  • Stormhold pages have been partially created, but still lack info.
  • Dawnstar pages have been created but could use some more input from people and cross-checking of the written information.

Morrowind Mod[edit]

UESP Site Tasks[edit]

  • All templates except userboxes and a few special cases need full documentation on a separate /Doc subpage.
    • Every parameter must be documented for every template.

The following tasks are more advanced and likely require a good deal of effort and knowledge in web technologies.

  • Design a system for handling file uploads similar to other TES sites. See the File Database Design page for Daveh's ideas on the system. While this is a lower priority task, contact Daveh if you're interested in working on this.


Working on a Task[edit]

  1. Look through the list and see if anything appeals to you.
  2. If you can't figure out what a task means, or if you're not sure how to do it, ask on the talk page.
  3. Once you've picked something you would like to work on, mark that you're working on it. Put your name under the task to let other editors know that someone is working on it, e.g. add ** Being worked on! --~~~~.
  4. If it's a one-person task, you may also want to cross it out (place <s> at the start of the line, and </s> at the end of the line) so other editors know to not work on it.
  5. When you've finished, delete the task from this page.

Adding a Task[edit]

Any editor can add a task to the page: if there's something that you think needs to be done on the site, add it! If you're not sure about your idea or would like feedback, add it to the talk page and ask for other editors to provide their opinion.

  1. Check whether this is the best place to add your idea.
    • This page is supposed to list specific ideas for projects that editors can work on; more general to-do information is at UESPWiki:Helping Out.
    • This page is not for tasks that require administrative privileges; those requests should be added to the Administrator Noticeboard.
    • Don't add tasks that you are planning on tackling in the near future (i.e., next week or so); this is supposed to be for tasks that are available for other editors to work on.
    • This is not the place to ask questions (try the Reference Desk), or make minor suggestions about improving a single page (put the suggestions on the article's talk page).
    • If in doubt, go ahead and add it. Another editor might move it to a more appropriate place, but it's much better to add the idea so others know about it than to delay adding it because you're not sure where to put it.
  2. Add a description of the task in the appropriate section.
  3. (Optional) Add more detailed information on the following lines.
    • If you're able to take the time to fully describe the task, that would be great, and will make it easier for other editors to know what needs to be done.
    • If, on the other hand, you just want to quickly add an idea, provide a basic description (enough so that an experienced editor can fill in the details). In that case, try to monitor this page and its talk page so that you can provide details if someone is interested in the idea.