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These websites are affiliated with UESP, but not hosted by UESP.


Combine OverWiki
An independent and comprehensive wiki encyclopedia dedicated to the Half-Life and Portal video game series and its shared universe created by Valve Corporation.
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Halopedia is a fansite dedicated to the Halo franchise and its fictional universe. Halopedia is primarily a wiki with a mission to document every aspect of the Halo series, but also extends to more social aspects.
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The Imperial Library
The Imperial Library has been a source for Elder Scrolls lore since 1998.
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Independent Fallout Wiki
A community dedicated to maintaining a high-quality, comprehensive, and accessible encyclopedia about all aspects of the Fallout series. The site is home to a community of enthusiastic fans, dedicated to expanding the site and making accurate information accessible to all.

JoJo Wiki
JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia is a website dedicated to the works of the manga artist Hirohiko Araki and related media. It is primarily focused on his biggest series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
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Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki
The Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki (MDFW) is a community encyclopedia built with the sole purpose of documenting the entirety of the Mystery Dungeon Franchise.
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