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One Tamriel is a change to the leveling scheme and zone structure of The Elder Scrolls Online that allows players of any level, in any faction, to travel to any other PvE zone and tackle appropriately-scaled content. This is done by applying the battle leveling system to every zone in the game and removing most Alliance restrictions, rather than having each zone fixed to a set level range for each Alliance. In effect, this makes ESO more like mainline titles in the series, putting a greater emphasis on exploration and freedom while ensuring that players are always sufficiently challenged.

The update was released as part of Update 12 on October 5, 2016 for PC/Mac, and October 18 for PS4 and Xbox One.


With One Tamriel, alliance and level restrictions on zones have been removed, allowing players to freely travel to any area at any level. In the same manner as current DLC, you are scaled to the zone's content, while still receiving rewards (loot, materials, etc.) appropriate to your character level. In addition, players are able to freely group with other players in PvE, regardless of level or alliance.

There are, however, a few exceptions:

  • Coldharbour is still gated behind the main storyline. However, if a character teleports to Coldharbour through a group or guildmate, they will have normal access to it.
  • Separate Silver and Gold zones have been removed, but the Almanac quests themselves still remain, the components of which can be completed in any order.
  • Veteran content, such as dungeons and trials, still require characters to be level 50. However, Craglorn is no longer considered Veteran content and can be accessed at any level.
    • Non-DLC Veteran Group Dungeons that continued the story of the Normal Dungeon became the ""Version II" of a dungeon, and had a Normal difficulty added. Similarly, the former Normal mode became the "Version I" of a dungeon, and had a Veteran difficulty added.
  • New characters still need to complete (or skip) the tutorial to group with other players.
  • No changes were made to alliance restrictions, grouping, or leveling in PvP, and characters must still reach level 10 to enter Cyrodiil.
  • Other level-gated content such as Undaunted pledges are unaffected.