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Mizzik Thunderboots
Home Settlement Riverhold
Location Market of Fresh Delights, Banished Regrets Inn, Smuggler's Hideout, Rimmen Palace
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During The Riverhold Abduction
Mizzik Thunderboots

Mizzik Thunderboots is a Khajiit private investigator found in Riverhold's Market of Fresh Delights who requests assistance with his current case into a mysterious disappearance.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Riverhold Abduction[edit]

Starting the Investigation[edit]

Mizzik is initially met in the marketplace, near Thadarra

Normal Greeting:
Completed The Battle for Riverhold:
"A crowded marketplace, a chance meeting. Unexpected, unannounced … and perhaps just the thing this one needs to solve a most curious investigation.
Mizzik Thunderboots, at your service."
"By Mara's thighs, if it's not the hero of Riverhold.
Mizzik Thunderboots, at your service. This one would offer to buy you a drink, but he has caught the scent of a most curious investigation. No time for taverns while this one's on duty."
Greetings. You mentioned an investigation?
"An abduction, to be precise. No ransom, no demands. No obvious suspects or motives. Just a heartbroken father and a missing young lady.
But that is why Mizzik was hired, yes? He steps in when all other justice fails."
So you've been hired to find someone?
"Correct. This one searches for Zinthia, daughter of Ishu.
However, Mizzik's inquiries have led to nothing but dead ends. And with a young lady's safety on the line, the sooner this investigation is solved the better."
I can help you with your investigation.
"A chance meeting turned fated partnership. Fortuitous for this one, yes?
You should speak to Ishu first, see if he has any new information for us. His house is just south of the marketplace. Can't miss it."

After you agree to help, you can ask him about the investigation and himself.

Tell me about being an investigator./Tell me about your career as an investigator.
"Mizzik Thunderboots is a Khajiit of action. He does not wish to merely boast of his prowess. This one aims to prove such skill.
Just as soon as we have a little more to go on, of course."
You seem pretty confident. Why do you need my assistance?/Moving on. You seem pretty confident. Why do you need my help?
"This one will confess, while Mizzik is confident in his skills of investigation, he struggles with the more … alarming situations his line of work often entails.
Such as when large people threaten him with very sharp daggers."
Someone threatened you?
"Not this investigation, thank the Moons. Well, not yet.
That is where your expertise comes along, yes? Your bravery, this one's cunning, and a few good leads are all we need to solve this mystery."
Quite the interesting name you got there./Fair enough. I was also curious about your rather interesting name.
"It is a good name, no? Mizzik Thunderboots! When scoundrels hear the footsteps of his boots, they will quake in fear."
Doesn't seem like the best quality for an investigator to have ….
"Oh. Well … perhaps you are right. Not very subtle, is it?"
I want to know more about our client, Ishu.
"He is a humble Khajiit of moderate wealth. Seems to keep to himself. No enemies, no debts. No reason why he would be targeted.
Yet just a few days ago, his daughter Zinthia was taken in the dead of night."
And you mentioned there's been no ransom?
"Most strange, no?
If Mizzik did not know better, he would say that it was an intimidation tactic. Perhaps even an act of revenge against Ishu. But who would wish this cruelty against such a kind Khajiit?"
And the town guards have been no help?
"They outright dismissed Ishu's claim, believing that the young lady has merely run away.
A most vexing call, truth be told. From all that Ishu has told this one, Zinthia is a most sweet ja'khajiit. Not one to make her father worry."

The Plot Thickens[edit]

After your investigation leads you to a note found behind the Riverhold Stables, Mizzik will arrive on the scene.

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Saw you heading this way. Find anything of interest?"

You can then tell about what you have learnt so far.

"The stables, hmm? Developed a sudden interest in horsemanship, walker?"
I found this hidden note. I suspect the gambler Tajirri wrote it.
"Looks to be a code. A napping badger, eh? Sounds familiar ….
Ah, yes! The Sleeping Badger is a rock formation, just south of Riverhold. But this bit about the sweet trip, that Mizzik doesn't understand."
Could be worth investigating this rock formation, at the very least.
"Mizzik will mark it on your map, walker. Feel free to lead the way.
And perhaps this is a good time to mention that this one is not so skilled in … violent situations. Should trouble find us. But that is where your expertise comes in handy, yes?"
Got it. Let's head to the Sleeping Badger rock formation.

At this point, Mizzik will become your follower. If you talk to him he will comment on the name.

"The Sleeping Badger. Eh. To Mizzik, it always looked more like a stretching rabbit."

While he is following you, he will try to stay out of any fighting, but he will make remarks at the start and end of each fight.

Start of Fight
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Oh, dear."
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Ah …!"
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Feeling a bit …."
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Dark moons."
End of Fight
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Mizzik … is all right."
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Mizzik needs to stop doing that."
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Feeling a bit …."
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Ah, apologies. This one is fine."

Once at the Ruddy Fangs camp, Mizzik will comment on what you discover.

Finding Skooma Bottles:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Skooma. These vagrants must be smugglers!"

Finding the Gold Necklace:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "That necklace must belong to Zinthia!"

He will then run back down to the road, where you can talk to him.

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Come, let us speak away from this place."
"A missing daughter, a hidden note, and now a band of skooma smugglers. This investigation becomes messier with every step we take."
What would smugglers want with Ishu?
"This one is unsure, though it is possible Ishu may be hiding something.
Still, our priority should be to investigate the gambler who wrote that note. Tajirri was her name, yes? That does ring a bell or two."
Where should we search?
"If Tajirri's a gambler, it is likely we can find her at the local tavern. Mizzik will head there at once and see what he can dig up.
Meet this one at the Banished Regrets Inn."
All right, I'll meet you there.

Investigating Tajiiri[edit]

Mizzik will then head back to town. Once you arrive at the inn, a mysterious Khajiit will warn you and Mizzik to stop the investigation. You can then head upstairs and talk to the investigator in his room.

"Bright Moons look over us today, walker.
Tajirri has just settled down for a round of gambling. While Mizzik distracts her, you can sneak into her home and search for another clue. It's just a bit north of the tavern."
Before we do that, a stranger spoke to me. She said Ishu's daughter left town years ago.
"Hmm. Forgive this one if he is … skeptical.
Even if this stranger spoke truly, why then would Ishu hire Mizzik? Why would Tajirri have written that note? Why would we find a gold necklace in the smuggler's camp?"
I'm not sure. She also wants us to stop investigating.
"Then perhaps this stranger simply wishes to confuse us. Throw us off the scent.
Besides, we cannot stop now. Not when an innocent young lady may still be at risk. Let us investigate Tajirri before she retires for the night."
All right, I'll head to Tajirri's home and search for clues.

He will then head out to the lounge area to distract Tajirri.

Tajirri: "Why hello, sweetmeat. Care to play a game with old Tajiiri?"
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Of course! Though this one will admit, he is not very skillful."

If you try and talk to him, he will be quick to remind you that you need to go.

"Quickly, head to Tajirri's house. This one does not know how long he can delay her."

Once you have found the note to Tajirri, and left her home, Mizzik will run out of the inn.

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Psst! Over here."
"This one hopes you have found something of interest, walker. Mizzik cannot afford to keep Tajirri distracted any longer. And he means that most literally."
I found another note. This one has a poem written on it.
"Blue serpents, four pointed paint …. If Mizzik had to guess, this poem describes drop off locations for illicit goods. Smugglers often hide them in plain sight.
First a sleeping badger, now a blue serpent. Must represent another landmark."
Perhaps the nearby river is the blue serpent?
"That's it! The river is often busy with trade. A perfect place to smuggle goods.
Let us search along the river and see if we find any barrels or crates with markings. Hopefully, we'll find something that will lead us to Zinthia."
All right, let's start searching along the river.

Searching for Smuggling Caches[edit]

Mizzik will become your follower again and can be asked questions on the way.

"Mizzik will admit, this case is heading in a rather … unexpected direction. Which is a bit worrisome, if he's being honest."
Why would smugglers target Ishu?
"It is strange, isn't it? With an operation as intricate as this, it seems odd that these smugglers would target a Khajiit of such limited wealth."
Perhaps we should speak to Ishu again?
"This one agrees, but let us first check these smuggler caches. The note said that the goods were leaving town today, yes? That could include Zinthia."

Several smuggler caches can be found around the river. They will be guarded by Ruddy Fangs and Mizzik will point out the marked barrels he sees.

Sighting a Marked Barrel
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Could that be the painted mark we seek?"
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Mizzik sees a painted barrel ahead."
Mizzik Thunderboots: "That painted mark seems curious, no?"
Mizzik Thunderboots: "That mark has four points, like the note says."

He will also comment on what you find in the caches.

Summerset Wine:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Summerset wine, eh? Not illegal, but incredibly taxed. Mizzik has a feeling this bottle didn't find its way to Riverhold through virtuous means."

Mammoth Cheese:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Ugh! If that cheese isn't illegal, it should be. What a smell!"

Red Scarf:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "A very pretty scarf for smugglers to wear, yes? Perhaps it belong to Zinthia."

Rotten Moon-Sugar:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "This barrel smells sweet, but also … rotten. What could it be?"
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Dark Moons! They're smuggling spoiled moon-sugar. Very unsafe for anyone to eat."

After you have searched all the caches:

Mizzik Thunderboots: "Speak to Ishu and see what he knows of these smugglers. Then let us meet back at the tavern. We have much to discuss!"

Hunting the Rogue[edit]

Once you have spoken with Ishu again, you can return to the inn, only to find Rideza threatening Mizzik. She will disappear after giving you an ultimatum and you can talk to Mizzik.

"So, it appears that your stranger friend is Rideza the Rogue. Good to know."
Rideza the Rogue?
"Let us just say that her reputation precedes her.
Well, threats to our life aside, it seems that we finally have our perpetrator. Now we just need to follow her."
And how do you plan on doing that?
"We are investigators, are we not? You must search for a trail. With any luck, she'll lead you straight to Ishu's daughter.
Meanwhile, Mizzik will alert the proper authorities."
All right, I'll see if I can find out where she disappeared to.

After you leave the inn, Mizzik will comment on the trail Rideza inadvertently left.

Mizzik Thunderboots: "There! Rideza must have stepped on the jelly from the sugar claws. You must follow her trail while this one alerts the guards."

When you have tracked down Rideza in the Smuggler's Hideout, she will be intercepted by Guard Captain Kahiri at the side exit. Mizzik and Ishu will be also be there, talk with the investigator after you hear the truth behind the kidnapping of Zinthia.

"Well, it seems that our investigation has come to a successful close. Though not quite in a way that Mizzik was expecting."
So Rideza was Ishu's daughter, and she … stole his cat?
"In hindsight, it makes sense. When you were told that Ishu's daughter left town years ago? Rideza must have been speaking of herself.
Still, to have been chasing Ishu's pet this whole time …."
We also stopped a smuggling operation.
"This is true! Because of our dedication, Riverhold no longer has to deal with these vile smugglers. And let us hope it stays that way, yes?
Mizzik just needs to collect our reward. Why don't we meet at the Banished Regrets?"
All right, I'll meet you at the inn.
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Drinks are on Mizzik! Just as soon as he is paid, of course."

If you speak to him before leaving, he'll add:

"Mizzik just needs to collect our reward from Ishu. And perhaps Captain Kahiri will be feeling generous as well, yes?
Feel free to head to the Banished Regrets. This one will meet you there."

Closing the Investigation[edit]

He can be found in the room, after he managed to get a bonus from the Guard Captain.

"A family reunited, a smuggling ring destroyed, and the gratitude of all of Riverhold. Not a bad start to a partnership, yes?
Mizzik was even able to secure a hefty bonus, thanks to the generosity of Captain Kahiri."
A bonus you're willing to share?
"Of course, of course! Your share, as promised. After all, Mizzik would never have been able to solve this investigation without your aid.
Pleasure working with you, walker. Do not be a stranger, yes?"

Once you have received your portion of the reward, you can talk with him some more.

"A safe town, a happy client, and an investigation expertly solved. And a five-claw partnership, if Mizzik does say so himself. What more could this one ask for?"
What's next for you, Thunderboots?
"After such a successful investigation, Mizzik is hopeful that more clients will come forth.
We live in turbulent times, walker. Dragons, tyrants, necromancy. There is no end to Elsweyr's suffering as of late. And yet so much is overlooked."
What do you mean?
"Those in power have priorities. And the petty problems of the common folk? They tend to be on the very bottom of this list.
That is why we must look after each other. If Mizzik does not offer his help, who will?"
Still, that's your job, isn't it?
"Of course. But, first and foremost, it is Mizzik's passion.
That is why this one takes the name Thunderboots. If he cannot work in the name of justice? Then he will not work at all. This, he swears."
Do you live in Riverhold?
"Mizzik's investigations take him many places, so it is hard to call one town home.
But he's enjoyed his time in Riverhold. He has a comfortable tavern room and a steady supply of clients. Well, a steadier supply of clients."
What other cases have you worked on in Riverhold?
"Honestly? Just the one.
A bard's flute was stolen while he was drinking in the tavern. He was very certain another musician had stolen it out of jealousy."
Did you solve the case?
"Quickly. It turned out to be the innkeeper who stole the flute.
This bard could not play in tune to save his life, and it was driving away business. So Mizzik suggested that the bard seek another tavern. A happy solution for everyone involved."

Heir of Anequina[edit]

He can later be found watching the coronation ceremony in the Rimmen Palace.

"Mizzik can't believe the tales he has heard. Dragons, Moon Gates, eclipses! So much excitement you've seen! And so many heroic things you have accomplished.
Certainly a step up from the work we did, yes?"
How are you doing, Mizzik?
"Mizzik is doing very well, especially after being invited to this ceremony! Never did he think he would be witnessing a Khajiiti coronation in Rimmen Palace.
Is this one's hat on straight? His whiskers burnished and bristly?"
You look fine, don't worry.
"Ah, that is good to hear. Mizzik would hate to make a bad impression! But this one is sure you have many others to talk to. He will not keep you, walker.
Remember, if you are ever in need of an investigator, call on Mizzik."


With no mysteries for this Khajiit of action to solve, he's at loose ends. Perhaps he can discover some curious doings around your abode? After adding Mizzik to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.
Mizzik Thunderboots
ON-icon-houseguest-Mizzik Thunderboots.png
Mizzik Thunderboots
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Daily Rewards
Availability Day 21, November 2023

Mizzik is available as a houseguest. He was distributed as a daily reward for the 21st day of November in 2023.

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

[verification needed — Datamined dialogue]

"Greetings! This one is Mizzik Thunderboots, investigator of mysteries, solver of crimes. Clients pay well for Mizzik's services. This one's skills at deduction are without peer. It is the violent aspects of the work that make Mizzik's fur crinkle."
"A pleasant abode, a chance meeting, a charming conversation. Just the diversion Mizzik needs to clear his head before his next investigation!"
"Mizzik's mother read him Investigator Vale books when he was small. Reading them since, he realizes she left out so much blood and violence! And … other things, too."
"Mizzik remembers his first mystery well. This one's mother told young Mizzik a thief broke in and stole the spots off his precious pet dragon frog!
Poor little Jazbay was never the same after that. It is a mystery that eludes Mizzik to this day."
"Mizzik is always happy to travel beyond Riverhold. Dragons! In his own homeland! What else must he do but flee?"
"Mizzik shudders to hear of unsolved murders being attributed to a weapon called the Blade of Woe. A summoned blade, never once compounded as evidence.
Surely such a weapon is only a myth, yes? Yes?"
"There are bigger mysteries than just murder. Grand, exciting mysteries! The disappearance of the Dwarves, for example.
On second thought, Mizzik feels fine investigating smaller mysteries for now."
"Do not worry. Mizzik is not as light-fingered as many tend to assume about his kind.
Unless there happens to be a sweetroll left unattended nearby. In that case, Mizzik makes no promises."
"Ah-Choo! You must excuse Mizzik. Is there a dog in here, by chance? Mizzik is quite allergic."
"Do you have a new mystery for Mizzik? No? Perhaps … the mysterious case of how Mizzik came to be in such charming company?
But of course, not every mystery is one that needs to be solved."
"Investigator Vale uses such unconventional methods in her stories. Mizzik has learned the hard way that a glass of wine is not always essential to solving a mystery. In many instances, wine presents far more problems than solutions."
"Mizzik has been thinking about his name. One does not hear thunder until it is already upon you, yes?
So it will be for Mizzik Thunderboots. Scoundrels cannot hide from the sound of thunder! A much better quality than quaking at its approach."
"Some may turn their nose up at gossip and rumors. For Mizzik, they may offer important leads!
And when he is not conducting an investigation, they provide a fine source of amusement."
"Mizzik works hard to keep up his dapper appearance. It is important to remain approachable to any potential clients. Even if it is a nightmare keeping this one's velvet doublet free of stray bits of fur."
"Investigations are similar to hunting antiquities, Mizzik thinks. Both involve leads, insight, patience, focus, finding lost things and speculating at their uses.
And in the most extreme cases, excavation with heavy shovels."
"Playing Tales of Tribute is such a diverting way to pass the time, yes?
The trouble is, Mizzik gets woozy whenever his opponent uses the Black Sacrament on one of his agents! Mizzik did not expect such violence in a game of cards."
"For many people, the allure of correcting someone is far more fragrant than holding one's tongue.
Therefore, Mizzik says that if you ever want to get someone to talk, tell them what you know…but tell it wrong."
"Mizzik likes taking unsolved mysteries. Bringing a new perspective, stirring the pot. Like making jam, things float to the surface, ready to skim off with a spoon so as to leave behind a tasty treat. Yum!
What were we talking about, again?"
"Mizzik must be careful not to cast aside a fact if it does not fit neatly into his developing theory.
Indeed, it is the facts that do not fit that require careful attention, yes?"
"Explanations of crimes are often deceivingly simple. It is the motivations that become devious and complicated. Only by unraveling the two do we finally comprehend the whole tapestry, yes?"
"Mizzik has quite the stomach for sea travel, actually. It is the stomach for violence that he does not possess.
One wonders what might result from combining the two, but…ah, no. Mizzik prefers not to think about that after all."
"Everywhere he goes, Mizzik always asks questions. Some find it very annoying, but aside from solving mysteries, it is how Mizzik shows his interest!
He gets called nosy. But this one supposes there are worse things they might call Mizzik."
"Another mystery is right around the corner. Mizzik can feel it in his little gray hairs."
"The mystery stories Mizzik has read gave him some unrealistic expectations of investigators and their adventures.
Getting lost in the eyes of a captivating suspect, however…that's happened about as much as Mizzik was led to expect."
"Sometimes Mizzik thinks the one who commits a crime makes a victim of themselves. Mizzik imagines the misdeeds weighing upon one's heart. And being forbidden to speak of them must be a unique kind of torment."
"Mizzik may have seen an old acquaintance in the market today. A criminal that Mizzik assumed was still locked in a dungeon. This one was very discreet, but if a large Pahmar-raht named Bitsy comes around, you never saw Mizzik.
Never ever."
"There are many deductions one can make from a person's appearance. But there is so much more one can learn from talking to said person! A good investigator uses all senses at his disposal."
"Mizzik has heard of an aid to memory where one stores facts in a location that is familiar but entirely in one's imagination.
Mizzik tried this, but forgot what place he chose. He fears that all he stored there is lost until he remembers."
"Mizzik has a weak disposition for violence. Some have accused him of playing up this aspect to get others to underestimate him as an investigator.
Oh, if only Mizzik were that good an actor!"
"There is nothing Mizzik would love more on a case than to deliver one final question that completely unravels the logic of a suspect's story.
Those moments don't come by nearly as often as the mystery novels would have us think."
"Since our last adventure, Mizzik has been working on building his confidence and assertiveness!
He thinks. Maybe. Time will tell. Or perhaps it will not. Who can say for certain?"
"If only every perpetrator was as careless as Rideza the Rogue. But if every investigation were as easy as following jelly footprints, one supposes there would be no need for investigators like Mizzik."
"After our adventure in Riverhold, Mizzik has been trying hard not to make hasty assumptions and waste time chasing down false clues.
It is difficult. Mizzik finds conclusions very easy to jump to."