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Location Camp on the southern outskirts of Elden Root (map)
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Beragon is a Wood Elf scribe and former adventurer, as well as Eveli Sharp-Arrow's older brother. He has some skill with deciphering codes and documents and is who Eveli contacts once you find a coded letter within the Ne Salas Cache Annex. In the past he worked as a scribe for both Emperor Moricar and Leovic of the Longhouse Dynasty in Cyrodiil, which gives him some insight into matters.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Blackwood Prologue[edit]

A Mortal's Touch[edit]

After finding an Encoded Imperial Scroll and Longhouse Emperor Signet Ring in the hidden Cache Annex, you can bring them both to Beragon at his camp. After Eveli introduces you, you can speak to him and Beragon will decipher the document as you talk.

"Eveli says you have something for me to look at?"
Yes, but it's written in code. Can you decipher it?
"Let me take a look. Hmm. Imperial, all right. Specifically, this is Emperor Leovic's personal code. Luckily, I know it well.
Unfortunately, I don't have Leovic's signet ring. Without that, I can't decipher the code."
Here. We found this ring alongside the scroll.
"You have a signet ring? Why, yes, this does appear to be Emperor Leovic's. At least, it's one of them. He certainly loved his jewelry!
So, first that journal that Eveli brought me and now this. What have you and my sister gotten into this time?"
Eveli is your sister?
"My younger sister, yes. I used to regale her with stories of my adventures, back before I became a scribe in Emperor Moricar's court. I worked for both him and his son, Leovic.
Eveli says I sling words the way she looses arrows—fast and on target."
You were an adventurer and a scribe?
"Technically, I was an adventurer then a scribe. Turned out, I preferred ink and parchment to danger and derring-do. Unfortunately, I think I put the wrong ideas in little Eveli's head.
Anyway, the scroll's over there. Deciphered and everything."
Eveli never mentioned she had a brother before. (Only if you completed Orsinium)
"Really? She's told me all about you. You were all over her letters from Orsinium. And when she got back, she rarely said five words that didn't include some anecdote of your time together. You really made an impression.
Nice to finally meet you!"

Talking to Beragon before reading the Deciphered Imperial Document:

"I left the deciphered document right over there. Just try not to let my sister get into too much trouble, all right?"

When you read the document it mentions a Daedric bargain and Mehrunes Dagon, along with the name Farrul Lupus. Speaking with Beragon afterwards, he will just call the contents interesting:

"An interesting document. I'm not sure what these Ambitions that Emperor Leovic mentions might be, but it appears he shared the secret with his personal steward, Farrul Lupus.
I hope I don't have to tell you how dangerous Longhouse secrets can be."
What's it like to have Eveli as a sister?
"I was away during most of her life. I did the whole adventure thing for a time, exploring the world and taking on lost causes. Then I went to serve the Empire.
I would come home to visit whenever I could get away. She loved to hear my stories."
She seems to yearn for adventure, too.
"I suppose my stories influenced her. And the books. I brought her books from across Tamriel, especially tales of heroes. She loved those. Still does.
Anyway, she's the best archer I've ever seen. As natural with a bow as bark on a tree."
So you don't mind that she's looking into the secrets of the Longhouse Emperors?
"Eveli's an adult. She doesn't need my permission to get into trouble. She's good at that. And she's good at getting out of it, too.
Do I worry? Of course. But I can't tell her to go home. I did the exact same thing at her age. Plus, she's got you."

The Emperor's Secret[edit]

After you have shown the Eveli the contents of the deciphered scroll, she will tell you that the aforementioned Farrul Lupus was the name of the party that hired her to recover a particular book from Black Drake Villa. She then asks you to come with her to Riften as back up when she delivers the book. After you agree to help, you can talk to Beragon abiut the book she found.

"Eveli is as brave as the graht-oak is tall, but someone else will be interested in this secret. Someone dangerous, most likely.
You'll need to be careful for the both of you, because my sister doesn't know the meaning of that word."
Can you tell me anything about the book Eveli found at Black Drake Villa?
"What? The creepy book with the weird writing? Nope. Not a thing.
I took one look at it and gave it right back to her. It's … not good. I told her to find a deep hole to toss it into, but my sister has never been good at taking advice."
You must have some idea what it is to have such a strong reaction.
"I deal in codes and ancient languages, not arcane tomes and Daedric artifacts. I'll tell you exactly what I told Eveli.
I don't know what that book is and I don't want to know. If you have any sense, you'll tell her the same."

While in Riften, you find Farrul Lupus was killed by the Dark Brotherhood and Lyranth tracks you down with another Cache Annex location. You and Eveli's investigation of the Annex in the Imperial City Sewers leads you to follow Doombringer Eshil through a portal into the Deadlands. After witnessing the conversation between the cultist and Mehrunes Dagon, you are sent back to Beragon's camp on Nirn after you defeat Eshil. Speaking with Beragon, he decides he won't question it.

"I'm just going to ignore the fact that you and my sister stepped out of a tear in space and that a Dremora wants to talk to you.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

After you speak with Lyranth, Beragon tells you he's staying out of it.

"I'm sure that you and my sister have a really interesting story to tell. I'm just not sure I want to hear it.
Secrets of the Longhouse Emperors, Daedra, strange books … I gave up the life of an adventurer to avoid those kinds of complications."

After completing the prologue, speak to him again and he'll say:

"I keep up with events in Cyrodiil. A habit from my days serving as a scribe in the court of the Longhouse Emperors. I can give Eveli a letter of introduction. Make it easier for her to approach Councilor Lovidicus and the others."


Appears only with Blackwood

An Unexpected Adversary[edit]

After A Deadly Secret is completed, Councilor Lovidicus mentions he has sent word to Beragon to come to Leyawiin to decode the documents you collected. In the meanwhile, you and Eveli are sent to Bloodrun Cave to investigate the Dark Brotherhood. However, you quickly learn that the Waking Flame used the Brotherhood as a scapegoat for the murders and that they have planned an attack on Leyawiin Castle:

While you and Eveli race to find Lovidicus after witnessing Councilor Faleria's murder by Vandacia, you come across Beragon hovering over a body:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Brother! When did you get here, Beragon?"
Beragon: "I came as soon as word arrived from Councilor Lovidicus. I was with him when the cultists attacked, but we got separated."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We have to find Lovidicus! Come with us, brother. We need to stick together."

Beragon will become your follower and you can ask him some questions, though he can't go into detail at the time:

Met Before:
"I wish we were meeting again under less-stressful circumstance, but it's good to see you.
The cultists spilled out of portals shortly after I arrived at the castle. I barely got to look at the coded documents before Vandacia grabbed them!"
At least you're all right, Beragon. It's good to see you.
"And you as well. I arrived as quickly as I could, but even then I was too late to do more than glance at the coded documents. You should hurry, though. Vandacia went after Councilor Lovidicus, and he had murder in his eyes.
Take my sister and go!"
"I knew things were tense, but I didn't think a war would break out the moment I reached the castle. The cultists spilled out of portals like ants erupting from anthills.
It was all I could do to get out of the way and reach a place of safety!"

When you enter the courtyard, you will find Vandacia holding Councilor Lovidicus by the neck with a chain of red magic, choking him. Vandacia utters a prayer to Dagon and summons the Disciple of Aspiration before teleporting away. While you and Eveli fight the Ruinarch, Beragon will race over to Lovidicus and begin healing him. Once you have slain the daedra, Captain Rian and the Ivory Brigade will burst through the gate. Then the councilor is lead outside, with Beragon following.

Once outside the castle gates, Beragon will be reading a document while Eveli looks over his shoulder. He then calls you over:

Beragon: "Friend of my sister, come speak with me."
Met Before:
"Now that we are out of immediate danger, I will say it is good to see you again. I only wish it was under better circumstances.
I have good news, however. I deciphered the code in the documents you recovered."
Did the document tell you where to find the Four Ambitions?
"I'm not sure. I only translated a small bit of the code before the assault began.
It mentioned a vault to protect them, which I assume to mean the Ambitions. It's hidden in the ojel-bak, but I'm not familiar with the term."
"Argonian, perhaps? It sounds like it, but I'm not sure.
I haven't reported to Councilor Lovidicus yet. Since it looks like he wants to talk to you now, please inform him of my findings. And tell him I apologize I wasn't able to decipher any more."
I'll go talk to Councilor Lovidicus now.
"Despite the gravity of the situation, you should know that I was able to decipher a portion of the encoded documents before Vandacia whisked them away."

You can continue talking to him before speaking to Lovidicus:

Met Before:
"Let Councilor Lovidicus know what I deciphered from the coded document. That the vault that protects them is hidden in the ojel-bak.
I wish I had been able to finish translating all the documents before Vandacia stole them"
It's good to see you again, Beragon.
"And you as well, my friend. Thank you for continuing to assist my sister. I know she can handle herself, but that doesn't mean I don't worry about her."
Why didn't Vandacia try to kill you, too?
"I imagine he didn't think I had time to decipher any of the coded passages. I barely had a moment to look at the documents when the portals opened and his cultists burst in.
Luckily, I'm very familiar with that particular code. It was my specialty."
We can't tempt you to come with us to find the vault?
"Alas, my adventuring days are long past. I'm much more comfortable these days with a quill and ink instead of a sword and shield.
I'll stick around and ask if Councilor Lovidicus requires any more of my services, though. As long as I'm here."

When you have spoken with Councilor Lovidicus, he will suggest you reach out to Keshu the Black Fin in Gideon. Beragon agrees and asks you to look out for his sister:

"Councilor Lovidicus's suggestion is wise. If not Governor Keshu, someone in Gideon should know where to find the ojel-bak. If it's actually a place, that is.
Just make sure you watch out for my sister. Eveli is good, but she's still learning."
It's good to see you again, Beragon. (Conversation Repeats)

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

Beragon will appear at the celebrations, drinking from a mug, you can talk to him:

"What a great party! I must ask a favor, though. Please don't let my sister drink too much. She has no tolerance and gets tipsy rather easily. What am I saying! She gets drunk and it's rather amusing.
Maybe it's better if you let her indulge."

After completing the quest:

"Councilor Lovidcus's suggestion is wise. If not Governor Keshu, someone in Gideon should know where to find the ojel-bak. If it's actually a place, that is.
Just make sure you watch out for my sister. Eveli is good, but she's still learning."

Gold Road Prologue[edit]

Prisoner of Fate[edit]

After the events of Necrom and Scions of Ithelia, Leramil the Wise will have summoned you to investigate various locations around Tamriel visited by Torvesard who is trying to find the third Glyphic he needs to free his Prince. Leramil's portal to Grahtwood will bring you to the Reliquary of Stars and the threads of fate will leads you inside the ruins where you encounter Beragon:

Beragon: "Well now! Perhaps my luck is changing for the better."

Speak with him to see what is going on, your conversation will differ depending on if you met him previously:

Completed Blackwood Storyline:
First time meeting:
"Why, if it isn't my sister Eveli's friend! Good to see you! I'm dealing with a real mystery, almost as convoluted as that Waking Flame affair.
I'm tracking a group of troublemakers called the Recollection. I don't suppose you're after them, too?"
"A fellow adventurer? The name's Beragon, friend. I could use a hand.
I'm on the trail of a group known as the Recollection. I'm not sure what they're after in these ruins, but I intend to find out. I don't suppose you're after them, too?"
I'm not sure. What can you tell me about the Recollection?
"They're an elusive lot. Something between a secret society, a mercenary company, and a cult. I caught wind of people disappearing and I think they're involved.
If you're not after the Recollection, why are you here?"
I'm looking for a Dremora named Torvesard.
"Dangerous quarry, but you look like you know what you're doing.
It's strange that my pursuit of the Recollection and your hunt for Torvesard led us both to these old ruins. That does gives me an idea, though."
What do you have in mind?
"I propose we work together. There are more Recollection here than I care to tangle with by myself, but maybe we can get some answers together. We can figure out why they're interested in the Reliquary of Stars while we look for your elusive Dremora."
All right. Let's head on in.

After you agree to work with Beragon, he will become your follower during this part of the quest. You can continue to speak with him to ask questions:

"I overheard a Recollection mage named Endegor mention a hidden shrine in the ruins. Something about a waterfall in the Flesh Gardens. Not the most pleasant appellation, but maybe we should start there?
It's somewhere to the north."
Can you tell me anything else about the Recollection?
"It seems to be a revival of an ancient Ayleid cult. Or some kind of Ayleid-inspired military order, perhaps. There are a lot of Wood Elves in their ranks, I'm sorry to say.
It's strange. I never even heard of them until a few months ago."
What led you to look for them?
"I heard rumors about Recollection groups poking around Ayleid ruins back in West Weald. And people started disappearing around the same time, including a few I happened to know. I can't say if they were abducted … or recruited."
What is this place?
"It's called the Reliquary of Stars. An old Ayleid archive of some kind. The Mages Guild researchers here say magicka courses through the very walls.
They're too busy with their studies to notice Recollection scouts sneaking into the Reliquary."
Completed Blackwood Storyline:
First time meeting:
Beragon? What are you doing here?
"I guess that business with the Waking Flame cult and Emperor Leovic's Elder Council brought me out of retirement. When the Recollection showed up, people started disappearing. So I put down my quill and picked up my daggers again."
How about Eveli Sharp-Arrow? Is she here, too?
"My little sister is off on her own adventures. Honestly, I can't keep track of her comings and goings. I think we can blame that on you, friend. Your example inspired her to go find situations in need of a wandering adventurer."
Tell me a little about yourself.
"Me? Well, I'm really retired from this adventuring nonsense. I spent years working as a scribe in Cyrodiil. Dabbling in history, documents, a cipher or two. But the threat of the Recollection convinced me to put down my quill and pick up my daggers."
You were an adventurer?
"It was years ago, really. I had the itch to travel. Risked my neck looking for treasure in monster-infested caves and haunted tombs. Besides, it's become a family tradition. My little sister Eveli Sharp-Arrow is off adventuring right now, in fact."

When you reach the Flesh Garderns, Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Cracked acorns! I don't like the look of these statues. Watch your step in here, friend."

When you reach the other end of the gardens, Beragon will point out the hidden door:

Beragon: "Look! Is that a door behind the waterfall?"

Speaking with him before going through the door:

"A door hidden by a waterfall, just as that fellow Endegor said. We'll need to be careful. Anybody we meet from here on in is likely to be Recollection."

The door will lead to the Moonshadow Shrine which is filled with Recollection cultists:

Beragon: "The Recollection is here, all right. Be ready for trouble."
"A shrine to the Twilight Queen, just as we thought. It appears the Recollection forces searching the Reliquary are using this room as a temporary headquarters.
Look around, friend. See what you can find."
th[verification needed — does this appear before the sanctum]

Fight your way through the Recollection to reach the Moonshadow Sanctum, this contains a shrine to Azura but Endegor will be waiting for you. Once you have defeated him, Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Guess I wasn't as sneaky as I thought. Must be out of practice. What's that on the floor?"

You will find Endegor's Orders, which is from Torvesard, asking them to search for a particular lamp which is Azura's relic which was missing from the shrine. You can speak with Beragon afterwards:

"Looks like we found the Recollection—or some of it. I didn't know Endegor well, but what I knew of him I didn't like. A bigoted radical, at best. I'm surprised he would work with any non-Bosmer at all.
What's in that letter?"
They're instructions for Endegor, from Torvesard.
"May I see?
Huh. That settles the question of whether Torvesard and the Recollection are working together. It was no coincidence that we met here today, friend."
The note says Torvesard is looking for a relic. A lamp.
"According to the letter, they haven't found it yet. Or even any leads to its whereabouts. If they had, Endegor would be off with Torvesard, looking somewhere else by now.
I wonder what happened to the lamp?"
I have something that might show us. Do you see anything unusualy here?
"Something unusual? Let me see … ah!
Over by the altar. Is that what you're looking for?"

You then use the Echonir and witness three high elves planning to hide the lamp in a cave to the north. During this, Leramil will have arrived, startling Beragon:

Beragon: "Was that a memory from the Merethic Era? Never mind that, who's this High Elf?"
Leramil the Wise: "I am Leramil, little Wood Elf. I assume from what we saw in that memory that Torvesard did not find what he was looking for?"

You can then speak with Beragon about what happened and introduct Leramil:

"A strange vision! They were worried about Ayleids, but there haven't been Ayleids here in centuries upon centuries.
Speaking of strange, it looks like we've gained a new companion. I assume you know that High Elf?"
This is Leramil the Wise. I'm helping her look for Torvesard.
"I see. Well, since it looks like the Recollection is working for him, I guess I'm looking for Torvesard now, too. There are plenty of Recollection skulking about in West Weald. I'll meet you there if you run short of other leads."
I'll remember that. Good luck, Beragon.
"Nature's luck to you too, friend. I have a feeling our paths will cross again."

Speaking with him again before Leramil:

"I think your High Elf friend would like to have a word with you. Continue your hunt, traveler. I'll continue mine."

Talking to him again before leaving through a portal:

"And here I thought I left the life of an adventurer behind ages ago."

After you leave Beragon, your investigation will take you Vvardenfell and to the heart of Apocrypha itself. Torvesard manages to view the third and final Glyphic and reaches Ithelia's prison. However, when you both enter it you find it broken and empty. After discussing what you will need to do next with Hermaeus Mora and Leramil, you will be returned to a camp south of Elden Root and Beragon will be nearby.

You can talk to him before speaking with Leramil to complete the quest:

"You've returned! And in much the same way that you left, stepping through a mysterious portal. You must have an interesting story to tell … but it looks like your friend wants to speak with you.
Go on. I'll wait."

Once you have completed the quest, you can talk to Beragon some more:

"After our visit to the Reliquary of Stars, the Recollection cleared out. I did come across one interesting clue, however. They're particularly interested in ruins in West Weald.
Which is ironic, since I live in Skingrad."
Leramil thinks West Weald might also be Torvesard's next destination.
"I'm not sure I like all this sudden interest in the place I call home. I'll provide Leramil with whatever information she requires, then I need to return to Skingrad to figure out the connection."
The connection?
"Between an Ayleid cult and that Dremora, Torvesard. They seem to be strange bedfellows indeed.
Anyway, if you and Leramil find yourselves in Skingrad, look me up. If this plays out the way I expect, I may need an ally like you."

Skills & Abilities[edit]

During Prisoner of Fate, Beragon will assist you during fights with the following abilities:

Trapping Vines
Beragon kneels and a large green circle will appear on the ground, giving you the option to activate it. Once activated, you will be given a targetable AoE circle that you can place on the ground. When the target is selected, Beragon will disappear in pale green light and reappear at the targeted area where he does a backflip attacks with his daggers. After this, a tower of vines will appear, causing a temporary AoE field.

Additionally during combat, he may say the following:

"Over here, friend!"
"Follow my lead!"
"I can assist you!"
"Watch your step!"
"Lure them over here!"


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