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The Aurbic Eye, Symbol of the Order of the Lamp and Mages Guild
"Raise up your blade, oh Knight of the Lamp. The Mages Guild calls for aid! Stand as a bulwark, protect magic wherever it dwells, and take your oath as a Votary in the Order. Don the armor of your sacred charge and stand tall beside the adepts of the guild. Protect them as they seek ancient secrets in caves below, in realms beyond, and even in the mind within. As a Knight in service to spellcraft and sorcery your duty is clear. Will you serve?"

The Order of the Lamp, sometimes called the Lamp Knights,[1] was an order of knights that acted as the protectors of the Mages Guild. It was formed a year after the Mages Guild itself was formed, as hired guards were not enough to protect the guild in dangerous territories.[2]


Order of the Lamp Armor

Lamp Knights were given appropriate rights to certain services of the Mages Guild. A knight's rank within the Order approximated the individual's rank within the Guild, in terms of rights and privileges. The Order only recruited those who had already demonstrated fighting skills and were in good standing with the Mages Guild.[3] These knights were generally not spellcasters, and they traveled to and from various Mages Guild branches as needed.[4]:101 Each chapter of the Order of the Lamp is led by the Palatinus[2] or Master Palatinus[5], who was commanded directly by the Archmagister. A contingent of the order was led by Vanus Galerion to confront Mannimarco and they participated in the resulting battle.[1] After he became Archmagister, Hannibal Traven commanded the Order of the Lamp to arrest Magister Ulliceta gra-Kogg of Orsinium for necromancy but she escaped.[6] The current status of the Order in the aftermath of the collapse of the Mages Guild is unknown.

The Order trains a variety of mounts for various situations. Their horses selectively bred for generations for improved stamina and agility, and no expenses are spared for their training. Their steed's armor are equipped with equipment to rival other knights throughout Tamriel.[7] Jackels are utilized for their cunning and speed as well as their tendency to finding quick shortcuts and exits.[8] A tale of a knight of Palatinus rank on top of a lion smashing through the enemies ranks to save a squad of Mages Guild members exists.[9] Vvardvark mounts were adopted by the Order due to their loyalty, surefootedness, tracking skills, as well as the belief that they can smell magicka.[10]


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