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Order of Arkay[edit]

The Order of Arkay (also called the Temple of Arkay) is the temple dedicated to Arkay the Mortals' God of Birth and Death. They are generally the place of worship for him. The order reveres the neutrality of Arkay; it is absolute to them and, because of this, they will not offer strangers their blessings. To the order, to give favor or curse to another person will upset the eternal balance. Their expansive collection of libraries and repertoire of sages is considered some of the finest in all of Tamriel, however, the order is rather private and does not take applications lightly. The Knights of the Circle is their militant arm and the House of Dibella is their enemy. In the Iliac Bay, the order has many chapels, some of which include the Dragontail Mountains and Sentinel in Hammerfell, and the Ilessan Hills and Shalgora in High Rock.

Order of Diagna[edit]

The Order of Diagna was a Yokudan order of Ansei that would go on to become one of the many knightly orders in the Hammerfell area. It is devoted to the Redguard deity Diagna, "Orichalc God of the Sideways Blade". Initiates wishing to join the Order must play the part of the Orcs in their annual recreation of the Siege of Orsinium. The order was mentioned as being extinct by the Third Era.

The Order was chiefly involved in the invasion of Orsinium, which lasted for thirty years. Fighters from the Order of Diagna kept totems of Diagna for luck during the siege. The leader of the order, Gaiden Shinji, was killed during the siege. His aide was Windwalker Tamahl, a member of the Order. Armiger Rhina was an Armiger in the Order of Diagna who died in the final days of the Siege of Orsinium. Born in the siege camp there, she spent her entire twenty-six years fighting the Orcs, where her sacrifice was said to have brought the Redguards victory.

Order of Flame and Shadow[edit]

The Order of Flame and Shadow was a Breton Knightly Order active in the Systres Archipelago at some point before the Three Banners War of the Second Era. It was a mysterious Knightly Order, and as of 2E 582 it was disbanded. According to some, it was nothing more than a legend. Tomes and histories indicate this order was comprised of a sole knight, known as the Knight of Flame and Shadow, who passes the mantle to a protege after an extensive and secretive training regiment. The Knight of Flame and Shadow had been sighted on a few occasions over the centuries, both working alongside the nobility and also actively entreating an uprising among the common folk. Little is known about the identity, motivations, and whereabouts of this line of knights. As of 2E 582, the Knight of Flame and Shadow hasn't been heard from for a long period of time. It was speculated that the last holder of the title perished before they were able to pass on the legacy.

Order of Saint Pelin[edit]

The Order of Saint Pelin or Knights of Saint Pelin is a knightly order of the kingdom of Evermore in High Rock. The order is named after Saint Pelin, who sacrificed himself to defeat the Gray Host as they assaulted the Bangkorai Pass in the early-mid First Era. They are responsible for maintaining a library of obscure historical scrolls at Bangkorai Garrison and have been called upon for the defense of the capital city on occasion. They are responsible for holding the Bangkorai Pass and protect the weak, in hopes that they can be as brave and humble as Pelin.

Order of Talos[edit]

The Order of Talos was a religious order dedicated to spreading the teachings and worship of Talos. They worshipped Talos as both a god and a patron saint. They had close ties to the Blades, and many members of the Blades retired to positions in the order. Weynon Priory was at one time run by the order, since as early as 3E 360. The most notable member of the order is, perhaps, Grandmaster Jauffre, who lived at the priory for a time before returning to Cloud Ruler Temple in 3E 433. Following the signing of the White-Gold Concordat, the Blades were formally disbanded and the worship of Talos was banned in the Empire. As such, it could be assumed that the Order of Talos is no longer in existence.

Order of the Black Worm[edit]

The Order of the Black Worm is the cult led by Mannimarco which is devoted to necromancy. Those outside the Order sometimes call it the Cult of the Black Worm or the Worm Cult, although the organization was officially known as the Fellowship of Anchorites during its brief Imperial charter. Being the most infamous practitioners of necromancy, they are colloquially known as The Necromancers. While Vanus Galerion formed his Mages Guild in the early Second Era, Mannimarco secretly formed the Order in its shadows. Their many dark accomplishments include aiding the forces of Molag Bal during the Planemeld, the great battle where Galerion was killed, and numerous plots against the Mages Guild, including an attempt during the Oblivion Crisis which resulted in the apparent death of Mannimarco. Members and servants of the cult are often branded with a black pentagram, to symbolize the damnation of their souls.

Order of the Braided Vine[edit]

The Order of the Braided Vine was a Breton Knightly Order active in the Systres Archipelago in the Second Era. It was a minor Knightly Order founded and primarily composed of the Druids of the Stonelore Circle. Members of the Order were dedicated to the protection of the landmarks and places sacred to the Druids, such as certain groves and various island locations. It is unknown if this order was created to pique interest in druidism, or if it was a genuine attempt to meld their lifestyle into modern Breton culture.

Order of the Candle[edit]

The Order of the Candle, which replaced Knights of the Moon as the official protectors and warriors of the Kingdom of Sentinel, was a knightly order founded early in the Fifth Century of the Third Era. The Order was charged with protecting the royal family and kingdom of Sentinel. The Order was treated with high respect in Sentinel, and only skilled men and women with high loyalty to the royal family of Sentinel were able to join the Order. It was initially led by Lord Vhosek and Lord K'avar. They were known for their affinity for espionage and worn numerous different uniforms whenever they needed to go into combat incognito.

Order of the Crescent[edit]

The Order of the Crescent is one of many Khajiiti clerical orders. The Lunar Clergy comprises various monastic orders, including the Order of the Crescent, the Broken Paw, the Brotherhood of the Fang, and the Order of the Claw. While much remains unknown about the Order of the Crescent, it was active during 2E 582.

Order of the Crypt[edit]

The Order of the Crypt is a Breton knightly order of spell-knights that originally served as keepers of the Crypt of Hearts and protectors within the kingdom of Shornhelm. The Order had taken a vow to not just guard the Crypt of Hearts, but to guard the people against those who might seek to use their hearts in briarheart rituals. They eventually broadened their goals, becoming legendary crusaders in the process.

Order of the Cup[edit]

The Order of the Cup was a Breton Knightly Order active in the Iliac Bay in the Third Era. Among their duties was serving as the protectors of the Plessington Clan. As of 3E 405, they were led by Lord Plessington of Ykalon. As of then they were neither strong in numbers nor very powerful, but they were very eager to help in all the affairs of High Rock. Lord Plessington was known to send his knights off to right various wrongs, seemingly without ulterior motives. Knights often returned from those quests with a number of interesting stories.

The events of the Warp in the West led to the incorporation of the fiefdom of Ykalon into the Kingdom of Daggerfall. It also caused most of the forests in Ykalon to burn down. It is unknown how this affected the members of the Plessington Clan, and knights of the Order of the Cup, however.

Order of the Dragon[edit]

The Order of the Dragon is an order of knights originally founded by Tiber Septim. Throughout the Empire's history, there have been seven Champions of Cyrodiil, the highest rank in the order, with the seventh being the Hero of Kvatch.

Order of the Eye[edit]

The Order of the Eye is a sub-faction of the Mages Guild that specializes in the art of sight and use their abilities to scour tombs and ruins for extraplanar threats like the Planemeld in the mid-Second Era. They also seek out daedric artifacts and rifts created from the veil that separates Nirn and Oblivion. Members of the order are called Scryers and are normally taught by the Docent.

The Order of the Eye utilizes a myriad of tools in their profession, such as a scrying-bowl filled with water, a gazing mirror, and spheres that are sometimes made from metal like ebony. They also practice augury and use flocks of birds to receive their sight.

Order of the Hour[edit]

The Order of the Hour (also called the Hour Order) is one of the oldest knightly orders in the Empire of Cyrodiil, serving as the militant arm of the Akatosh Chantry. Their sole purpose is to enact the will of Akatosh the Great Dragon, as well as preserve the stability and permanence the God of Time represents. The Order has scattered and re-organized on several occasions throughout history, but their purpose had remained the same each time.

Order of the Lamp[edit]

"Raise up your blade, oh Knight of the Lamp. The Mages Guild calls for aid! Stand as a bulwark, protect magic wherever it dwells, and take your oath as a Votary in the Order. Don the armor of your sacred charge and stand tall beside the adepts of the guild. Protect them as they seek ancient secrets in caves below, in realms beyond, and even in the mind within. As a Knight in service to spellcraft and sorcery your duty is clear. Will you serve?"

The Order of the Lamp, sometimes called the Lamp Knights, was an order of knights that acted as the protectors of the Mages Guild. It was formed a year after the Mages Guild itself was formed, as hired guards were not enough to protect the guild in dangerous territories.

Order of the Lily[edit]

The House of Dibella is the temple dedicated to Dibella the Blessed Lady, Goddess of Beauty and Love. They are generally the place of worship for Dibella. The priests and priestesses within are epicureans and orgiasts who aspire for the beauty of the form and mind. Their establishments are known to teach healing. The Order of the Lily is the House of Dibella's militant arm, and the Benevolence of Mara is considered their allies. The House of Dibella is considered enemies of the Akatosh Chantry, the Order of Arkay, and the cult of Sanguine. Members of the house are known as Dibellites.

Order of the New Moon[edit]

The Order of the New Moon, also known as the New Moon Cult, was a Khajiiti Dragon Cult rumored to have been created in the Merethic Era.

Order of the Raven[edit]

The Order of the Raven (also called the Knights of the Raven) is a knightly order found in the Barony of Dwynnen. They are a legendary order that fought behind Baron Othrok in his battle against the Camoran Usurper and the Nightmare Host that plagued the region in 3E 267. Ever since then, their purpose is to protect the royal family of Dwynnen and the region. They have a high standard for recruits, as they only accept the greatest warriors that can remain loyal to the Barony.

Order of the Scarab[edit]

The Knights of the Scarab are Gallants serving as the official guard for the royal family of Totambu in Northern Hammerfell. Only the most refined and loyal warriors of the region are considered for initiation. Typically initiates must travel to the Dwemer ruins of Bthzark on the island of Stros M'Kai and "wrestle its mechanical men back into shape" before they can join the Knights of the Scarab. They are known to use shields adorned with scarab symbols.

Order of the Virtuous Blood[edit]

Order of the Virtuous Blood

The Order of the Virtuous Blood is a citizen's group in the Imperial City Temple District dedicated to combating vampires.[1]

Order of the Waking Flame[edit]

The Order of the Waking Flame (or simply the Waking Flame) was a secret cult devoted to the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. The cult was founded during the reign of the Longhouse Emperors and operated during the mid-Second Era.


The Ordinators (sometimes called Temple Ordinators) were the holy guards and priest-soldiers of the Tribunal Temple led by the Alma Rula. They are divided into four distinct orders. The Order of the Watch provided guards for temples and shrines, and additionally acted as town guards in Temple-owned settlements such as Vivec City. They were responsible for enforcing Temple law, along with Imperial law following the Armistice. The Order of War (also known as the Militant Ordinators) fought the enemies of the Temple, with most War Ordinators traditionally stationed near Red Mountain to combat the forces of the Sixth House. The Order of the Inquisition identifies and suppresses heresy among priests and laymen within the Temple. The Order of Doctrine and Ordination are militant scholars who opposed the Nerevarine Prophecies and other dissident teachings.


The Oreyn family is an Elvish bloodline that consisted of Dunmer and Bosmer that at one point in time, ruled a kingdom in Valenwood.

Orgak Clan[edit]

The Orgak Clan were one of the Orc clans of the northern Wrothgar. They were founded by Kloth, and were known for their Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief.


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