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Akaviri Potentate
Akaviri Potentate armor
Akaviri Potentate armor
2E 02E 430
Capital Imperial City
Location Cyrodiil
Common languages Cyrodilic

Eight Divines

Government Absolute monarchy
Preceded By Succeeded By
Second Empire
Empire of Cyrodiil

The Akaviri Potentate, also called the Akaviri Empire,[1] is the name given to the period of the Second Empire after the assassination of Reman III and the end of the Reman Dynasty. Additionally, it is the title given to the rulers of Tamriel both during this period and during the earlier years of the empire.[2]

Under the Remans, the emperor's chief advisor was called the Potentate.[2] In the battle of Pale Pass, Reman I decisively defeated an Akaviri invasion but other events forced him to offer the defeated army amnesty in return for their service in his own army. This led to Akaviri influence in other spheres of life, and over time the position of Potentate was usually filled by one of the snake people.[2]

In the year 1E 2920, the Potentate Versidue-Shaie plotted to overthrow the empire. He assassinated Emperor Reman III shortly after the death of Crown Prince Juilek, and declared Reman's line to be extinct. On 22 Evening Star 2920 Versidue-Shaie declared that he was taking over the leadership of the empire but retaining his title of Potentate. In the same speech, he declared the end of the First Era and the start of the Second.[3]

In order to suppress armies remaining loyal to the Remans, as well as the armies belonging to individual kingdoms seeking greater autonomy, Versidue-Shaie was forced to engage in a relentless series of campaigns that, by the year 2E 283, finally resulted in victory for his forces.[4] This suppression of those loyal to the Remans may have been the "Reman purges", where the Potentates invented contraptions for cutting off heads.[5] The cost of the campaigns was immense, resulting in the impoverishment of both the empire and its constituent kingdoms and in an effort to maintain order without the expense of a standing army, in 2E 321 Versidue-Shaie agreed to a proposal from his kinsman Dinieras-Ves that established what was to become known as the Fighters Guild.[6]

In 2E 324, Versidue-Shaie was assassinated by the Morag Tong[7][8] and succeeded by his son, Savirien-Chorak. In 2E 400 Savirien-Chorak held a celebration to commemorate four centuries of potentate rule.[9] In turn, he was assassinated along with all his heirs on one night in Sun's Dawn 2E 430, bringing a final end to the Second Empire and signaling the start of the Interregnum.[7]


Name Born Race Crowned Died, Deposed, Abdicated,
or Office Abolished
Additional Information
Second EmpireAkaviri Potentate
Versidue-Shaie 1E ? Tsaesci 1E 2920[3] 2E 324[10] Upon assuming leadership of the Empire, Versidue-Shaie declared the beginning of the Second Era. Assassinated by the Morag Tong.[10]
Savirien-Chorak 1E ? Tsaesci 2E 324[4] 2E 430[11] Son of Versidue-Shaie. Assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood.[10][nb 1]


  1. ^ It's controversial which assassin organization really killed the last Akaviri Potentate. While literature speaks of the Dark Brotherhood, a Morag Tong assassin in ESO implies his ancestor was responsible for the assassination.
  • Sidri-Ashak was an obscure and lesser known potentate. He is perhaps best known for five runestones dotted across the Imperial province that bear his name. He advised Emperor Brazollus Dor, who ruled between the reigns of Reman II and Reman III. Neither interested nor skilled in matters of state, Emperor Dor left most of the governing to him, and he proved to be a capable statesman.[12]
  • The Akaviri Potentate's peculiar armorsmithing practices were said to have changed the Imperial Legion forever.[13]
  • The Magnates of the town of Hakoshae in Elsweyr believed themselves to be descendants of the Potentates through Proconsul Beloren-Kaie,[14] but it was revealed in 2E 582 that they were in truth descended from Lein-Barduik, the bodyguard of the Proconsul, who had abandoned him to assassins and taken his identity.[15]
  • The next Potentate to rule the Empire was Ocato of Firsthold, who assumed control of the Third Empire at the beginning of the Fourth Era after the Elder Council failed to appoint a new emperor.[16]