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This article is a list of links to websites, subreddits, Discord servers, and YouTube channels related to The Elder Scrolls and UESP.

The list will always be expanding and contracting as new websites are made and old ones shut down. Feel free to add relevant websites to this list, but ensure the description is written in a neutral tone.

UESP Affiliated[edit]

Other Wikis[edit]

Official Websites[edit]



Elder Scrolls Online[edit]





Mod Hosts[edit]


These are the subreddits on Reddit dedicated to Elder Scrolls games and lore.

Main Subreddits[edit]


Discord Servers[edit]

The following links are all invites to servers related to The Elder Scrolls.


Morrowind Modding[edit]

Other Projects[edit]

YouTube Channels[edit]

Channels under General are either entirely focused on The Elder Scrolls or make it a main focus of the channel. Those under Mods and Modding are modders, modding projects, and mod reviewers. The channels under Honorable Mentions have a wider gaming focus and may not always produce Elder Scrolls content, but have large playlists related to the series.


Mods and Modding[edit]

Honorable Mentions[edit]

  • ESO Danny — Various Elder Scrolls videos
  • Gopher — Focus on Skyrim mods and playthroughs
  • SorcererDave — Focus on Morrowind playthroughs
  • LyleShnub — Focus on Morrowind playthroughs

International Websites[edit]

Flag Czech.png Czech[edit]

Flag France.png French[edit]


  • Daggerfall et Haldegarh — French reference on Daggerfall
  • Project French Arena — The website for Projet French Arena
  • — Help, articles, maps, cheat codes, and news for Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim
  • Les terres cendres — French site with a collection of files for all of the Elder Scrolls games. It's also the new official page of Projet French Daggerfall
  • Wiwiland — An important Elder Scrolls community, with a massive collection of mods for Morrowind and Oblivion



Flag Germany.png German[edit]

Flag Japan.png Japanese[edit]

Flag Poland.png Polish[edit]

Flag Russia.png Russian[edit]

Flag Spain.svg Spanish[edit]


These websites have not seen updates in years but are listed for historical interest.