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Jess Clark's Posts
Medium/Format Online Forum
Interviewee(s) Jess Clark
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These are a few notable comments from Jess Clark, Bethesda Community Manager, on The Elder Scrolls setting. Clark is known as @Jess_capade on Twitter and jesscapade_cm on Discord.


About Castles early access release, on the UESP Discord (2023-09-30)[edit]

99% sure it was accidentally released

👋 Not accidental, our official statement was given to a few press outlets: "The Elder Scrolls: Castles is being developed by our talented mobile team behind Fallout Shelter at Bethesda Game Studios. We’re excited to share an early access version of the game with a limited number of players and listen to feedback as we improve the game over time."

Oh, you're the community manager?

I am, along with CVH. We aren't ready to disclose anything else currently, I'm just enjoying lurking and gathering feedback. 😄

Is there an ideal place to share feedback on the game?
I hope you enjoy watching my castle of babies grow lmao
Just had another one. 76 people, 51 of which are babies

absolutely lol! The sheet AKB passed along was great, we hope to have another streamlined method in the near future.

👋 please enjoy your wonderful weekends and thanks again for the feedback!


January 17 Skyrim Patch[edit]

January 15 Announcement[edit]

Hey everyone,:MrPebbles:

We hope to implement a Skyrim patch this week (The week of January 15th) to primarily address some reported issues with the new Creations menu. While we don't have the exact timing locked in yet, we wanted to give you a heads-up and will share more - including patch notes - with you soon. Thank you again for all of your continued feedback!🙇

January 16 Announcement[edit]

Happy Tuesday everyone!:VaultBoyParty:

We're planning on patching Skyrim on January 17th at 11:00am EST. Please note, that this patch will only apply to GOG, Epic Store, Bethesda Net, Xbox, and PlayStation. The Steam version of the patch will have a slight delay and be applied after. Our patch notes will be shared here as soon as they are finalized. Thanks for your patience!

January 17 Patch[edit]

January 17th 2024 Patch Notes

  • When using a controller, the right analog stick is now exclusively bound to the description field.
  • When using a controller “Search” is now bound to “A”, not Right Trigger.

Bug Fixes

  • Menu items no longer “bounce”.
  • Author names should no longer shift upon inspecting the details page.
  • Fixed issues requiring the user to select menu options twice when returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed issues with the Download Bar not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the order of screenshots to change between sessions.
  • Fixed an issue causing deleted Creations to appear in your Load Order.
  • Fixed an issue rearranging the Load Order when updating a Creation.
  • The correct warning message is now displayed when a Creation is downloaded without its dependencies.
  • Fixed issue preventing Creation downloads after an extended time browsing the menus.
  • Fixed issue causing large Creations to sometimes fail to download.
  • Restoring your Load Order will now properly enable disabled Creations.
  • The “Download All Creations” menu option will no longer deactivate previously installed Creations.
  • Canceling “Download All Creations” will no longer result in a crash when returning to the Main Menu.
  • The “Updated” category in the Channels List now shows Creations from your library with available updates, instead of showing “Latest” uploads.
  • Gallery images no longer change in size when browsing.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur after loading Anniversary Edition after linking a new account.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong Load Order to be uploaded.
  • Fixed flickering of arrows on the Banner on the initial load of the Creations Menu.
  • Categories are now sorted by "latest."
  • File size now properly displays after updating a Creation.
  • Resolved an issue that could prompt a deletion confirmation when exiting the menus.
  • Resolved an issue that would show some Creations as owned even if unpurchased.

Epic Only

  • Resolved an issue preventing Creation Credits from displaying in the user’s account.

PlayStation Only

  • Fixed a crash that could occur from repeatedly entering the in-game Creations screen.
  • Creation names should no longer flicker after downloading.
  • PS5: Fixed Crash when browsing the menu while it is loading.
  • PS5: “Delete all Creations” now works as intended.

Xbox Only

  • Fixed an issue that would kick the player to the Main Menu when attempting to download Survival Mode or Goldbrand.
  • The “Show Missing Content” box on the Search Menu after loading a save with missing Creations now works.

GOG Specific

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Anniversary Upgrade prompt from working.
  • Fixed issue that could occur, resulting in the wrong saves being overwritten.
  • Localization fixes.

Resource Pack

  • Resolved unfilled alias on Carriage Quest.
  • Added “CalendarDay” script.
  • Modular jugs now have audio when dropped.