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Battlespire box art (North America)
Setting The Battlespire
Planes of Oblivion
Time Period 3E 398
Developer Bethesda Softworks
Release Date
4 Dec 1997 (NA)[1]
Release Date
26 Aug 2015
Release Date
26 Apr 2022
Microsoft Store
Release Date
18 Aug 2022
Battlespire box art (Europe)

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire is the first spin-off game in The Elder Scrolls franchise, set in the Battlespire, a training ground for prospective Imperial battlemages suspended in an outer plane. One such apprentice arrives there to find it overrun by Mehrunes Dagon's legion of Daedra.

A more action-oriented game than those of the main series, Battlespire features fewer role-playing elements and an emphasis on dungeon crawling with a single, sprawling dungeon full of enemies to be slain. It also uniquely featured a multiplayer mode in which players could battle each other.

Battlespire was released to the North American market in batches during late November and early December 1997.[1][2]

Today, Battlespire is available digitally from, Steam, and the Microsoft Store (also being included with some Game Pass subscriptions). The Steam version does not include multiplayer.

Quest Information

  • Quests — Stuck on a level? Your question may be answered here

Character Information

  • Attributes — The eight Attributes and their effects
  • Races — Detailed information on races
  • Skills — Information about the Skills available to your character
  • Character Creation — Explanation of how to create your character
    • Classes — Lists all predefined classes along with their skills and specifics

Gameplay Information

  • Books — Catalog of all books found in the game
  • Controls — Explanation of controls and default keybindings
  • Enchantments — A list of the various enchantments found in the game
  • Hints — All kinds of hints and tips for playing the game
  • Items — A list of items found in the game
    • Sigils — Information on these magical Daedric seals
  • Magic and Spells — Description of magic and spells in the game
  • Multiplayer — Information on the multiplayer mode

World Information

  • Creatures — Monsters in the game along with a picture, description, fighting tactics, etc.
  • NPCs — A list of NPCs found in the game

Technical Information

  • Running Under DOSBox — A detailed guide to playing Battlespire on DOSBox under a modern operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Technical Info — Information on bugs in the game, how to avoid/correct them, error messages, and possible methods on making the game run faster

Mods and Modding

  • Battlespire Files — Your one stop to all the latest editors, utilities, patches, and other Battlespire-related files
  • Battlespire File Formats — Information on the file formats used for game data and save files

Previews and Reviews

  • Features — List and some explanation of features found in the game and the required hardware to view it. Some information taken directly from Bethesda and some from rumors here and there
  • Official FAQ — An updated official FAQ on the Bethesda's website put up after the game was released. Contains some information on bugs, patches, improving gameplay, etc.
  • Older Official FAQ — The official FAQ for the game before it was released. Contains preview and related information.
  • README.TXT — The official readme that comes with the game
  • Screenshots — Several prerelease screenshots of the game
  • Unofficial FAQ — The unofficial FAQ of the game answering some commonly asked questions
  • Videos — Contains a few gameplay videos from around the internet

Miscellaneous Information

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